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S.no Undertakings
1 Farm house constructed as per sanctioned building plan and having sufficient Parking space (minimum 1 acre for each 2.5 acre farm area) inside their boundary wall may apply to the Office of the Zonal Dy. Commissioner, MCD for holding social functions on their premises. The parking area within the farm houses should be property demarcated with separate Entry and Exit gates. Farm houses owners shall deploy their own security guards to manage the parking within the premises.
2 No parking shall be permitted outside the farm houses on the roadside and in the event of violations, the violators will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.
3 Only such farm houses should be selected which have proper access road from main road to the farm houses. The minimum width of the access road to such farm house from the main road should be 60 feet.
4 Permission should be given on rotational basis within the municipal zone so that each farm house is not used for more than 120 days in a year. Permission should be based on factors such as number of guests, approximate number of vehicles, nature of function etc.
5 Farm houses shall take special precautions regarding use of noiseless generators, use of loudspeakers, musical instruments etc., so that noise pollution level remains within the permissible limit in conformity with the guidelines / norms issued by CPCB/DPCC. Similarly, use of fire-crackers within and outside the farm houses should be within the permissible limit and the air pollution level should not exceed the prescribed limits stipulated by the CPCB/DPCC.
6 No loudspeaker and bands should be permitted beyond 10:00 P.M.
7 Processions and horse-drawn carriage should not be permitted on the roads outside the farm houses.
8 Farm houses should not be located at a road which ends in a dead end.    
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