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EODB Circulars/Officer orders
S. No. Document Name File View
1 NMA Circular regarding SMARAC CITIZEN Android Mobile App dated 16/03/2017 View
2 Helpdesk for Architects/Engineers/Applicants dated 28/02/2017 View
3 Circular reg Online Module for Addition/Alteration in existing residential dated 28.02.2017 View
4 Circular reg Requirement of documents-online Sanction of Building Plans-EODB dated 23.02.2017 View
5 Office Memorandum of DPCC regarding EODB dated 08/02/2017 View
6 Circular of NMA Reg. Submission of Online NOC applications dated 06/02/2017 View
7 Circular reg. Colour Coded Zonal Maps (CCZMs) of the NOC Departments dated 31/01/2017 View
8 Circular regarding Risk Based Inspection for Plinth Level Intimation dated 30/01/2017 View
9 Circular regarding Qualification of Professionals for sanction of Building Plans dated 30/01/2017 View
10 Circular of DJB Regarding Reduction in Connection Charges dated 18/01/2017 View
11 Circular reg. Online module for SARAL SCHEME for resi. plot upto 105 sqm dated 16/01/2017 View
12 Circular Regarding NOC of DMRC Dated 13/01/2017 View
13 Circular / MEMORANDUM of HCC regarding online permit of EODB Dated 09/01/2017 View
14 Circular Regarding Reduction in the number of procedures and Time in EODB Dated 03/01/2017 View
15 Circular of AAI regarding CCZM of Delhi Dated 27/12/2016 View
16 Circular of NMA regarding CCZM of Delhi Dated 09/12/2016 View
17 Circular Reg Online scheme for completion certificate and Plinth Level Inspection Dated 05/12/2016 View
18 Circular Regarding Simplification of approval of layout plan procedure under EODB Dated 21/06/2016 View
19 Circular Regarding Online Scheme for building plans of Residential group Housing Dated 14/06/2016 View
20 Circular Reg Online scheme for building plans in respect of Institutions Dated 14/06/2016 View
21 Circular of DJB Regarding Ease of doing business-construction Permits EODB Dated 24/05/2016 View
22 Circular Reg Online Building plans in respect of Warehouse Buildings Dated 07/05/2015 View
23 Circular Reg Online scheme for building plans in of commercial buildings Dated 07/05/2015 View
24 Circular Reg Joint inspection by NOC agencies Dated 07/05/2015 View
25 Circular Regarding Online completion Certificate of Residential Properties Dated 28/04/2015 View
26 Circular Regarding Colour code Zoning Map (CCZM)-Ease of Doing Business Dated 08/04/2016 View
27 Circular Reg Operationalization of Dashboards of Discoms and Delhi Jal Board Dated 04/041/2016 View
28 Circular regarding Integration of NOC Departments Dated 31/03/2015 View
29 Circular Regarding Online Scheme for Special Area / LBZ / Walled City Dated 29/11/2012 View
30 Circular Reg Online Sanction of building plans of fresh Residential Dated 13/04/2012 View
31 Circular reg. e-undertaking under EODB Dated 06.03.2017 View
32 Circular regarding CAF & Digital Signatures in EODB dated 04/04/2016 View
33 Circular reg Online Modules for Commercial & Other Buildings under EODB Dated 23.12.2016 View
34 Circular reg Online Sanction of Building Plans for Fresh Residential Buildings Dated 28.12.2011 View
35 Circular regarding Integration of DPCC & Forest Deptt. with CAF of MCD Dated 30.03.2017 View
36 Circular regarding No Requirement of NOC from DJB & DISCOM for Online Plans Dated 30.03.2017 View
37 Circular Reg. Single Joint Inspection for issue of completion Certificate View
38 Circular Reg. Non-Inclusion of provision of bank guarantee at the time of sanction of building Plans View
39 Circular Reg. Online module for Addition/Alteration in existing properties View
40 Circular Reg. Online module for CC-building sanctioned through online module as well as in hard file View
41 Circular Reg. Converting I-Bond into E-undertaking dated 29-01-2018 View
42 Circular related to National Monuments Authority (NMA) SMARAC App II View
43 List of Contractors in North DMC of Civil Category View
44 List of Empanelled Contractors of M.C.D. for Jal Board Road Repair View
45 List of Enlistment Contractors in Engineering Department HQ/SDMC Class-I/Civil View
46 List of Enlistment Contractors in Engineering Department HQ/SDMC Class-II/Civil View
47 List of Enlistment Contractors in Engineering Department HQ/SDMC Class-III/Civil View
48 List of Enlistment Contractors in Engineering Department HQ/SDMC Class-IV/Civil View
49 List of Enlistment Contractors in Engineering Department HQ/SDMC Class-V/Civil View
50 Circular No.South DMC/Addl.Cm.(Engg.)/2018/SE(B)HQ/53 dated 26.02.2018 View
51 Converting Affidavits of Govt. Projects into Self-Declaration - South DMC/Addl.Com (Engg.)/SE (B)HQ/ View
52 Clearance of Online Building plan files within 5 days - South DMC/Addl.Com (Engg.)/SE (B)HQ/89 View
53 Adjustment of processing fee for Occupancy-cum-Completion Certificate in Online Module-EODB View
54 Circular reg. no requirement of last property tax receipt for CAF under EODB dated 05.04.2018 View
55 Then and Now View
56 Number Of Procedure In Construction Permit View